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Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback uses special electronic devices to assess, monitor, and get psychophysiological information from your body and mind. Biofeedback is used to provide you with information about your body or mind’s reactions to various situations. Biofeedback may measure physiological indicators such as heart rate, muscular activity, brain wave activity, respiration, blood pressure, skin temperature, and sweat gland activity during various events.

Biofeedback training then uses the information or feedback received from your body and mind to help you improve self-regulation and control. Regular and consistent biofeedback training helps psychological skills become automatic reflexes, improving your mental and physical performance!

I specifically use Alive, a product of Somatic Vision, Inc. “Alive is designed to help you better manage stress, train for peak performance, and achieve better emotional and mental balance.” – Somatic Vision, Inc.

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